The Adventure Begins!

Hello Farm Friends,
What could be nicer than spring? This year was extra special, as we welcomed the first of our lambs! At present they are at the home farm, but we hope to have some of them take residence at the New Farm as soon as we arrange fencing, grazing, and a safe environment. There is nothing cuter than a lamb springing over grass!

Mother lamb on hay with three jacketed newborn lambs
are lambs why *spring* is both a noun and a verb?

When reading a book on medieval farming (as one does . . . ) one phrase jumped out; sheep manure was called “farmer’s gold”. At the New Farm, we will be trying out the value of that ancient wisdom, along with many other techniques, to try to revitalize the soil.

I had a photo of the soil to share, but it seems to have disappeared off my phone. Not surprising, as the soil at this farm doesn’t want to show off its present state. We humans have a lot to answer for, piercing, draining, robbing and otherwise abusing soil that only wanted to please us! Therefore, The Adventure Begins really should be titled: Service to the Soil. Can we redeem ourselves and gain back the trust and health of the dirt we walk on? Please stay with this story in future news letters, or in person . . .