Tag: regenerative agriculture

  • Do You Speak “Plant”?

    For much of the 20th century, there was a belief that a benefit for one side, was a benefit for all participants. You know — if it was good for me, baby — then it must have been good for you! Thousands — no, millions of people — believed that what was ‘good for GM…

  • Move West, Young Insect

    Pest insects drive every aspect of modern agriculture, so how do we handle them on a no-chemical farm? Two examples follow!

  • Nakedness

    We like bare skin in the summer, but does soil benefit from being bare, too? How does this affect plants?

  • Hope and Fake Hope

    When working with living things, we live with the danger of illness and death; but hope and life are often greater than these.

  • The Adventure Begins!

    Spring is here, and the lambs are arriving. Hopes are high for regenerating the soil at the new Farm!